Email Woes

Our web server recently upgraded and during the process we lost our email forwards for about a month before things could be fixed. During that time (early September to early October) we received no email. And while it made things nice and calm around the box-office, we did not recover the email when things came back online. As such, if you sent us email during that time, we are not ignoring you; we simply did not receive it. If you can please forward your emails to us again, we are back up and running 100%. Thank you for your patience with this.


For those of you coming to visit us for our upcoming show “The Game is Afoot! or Holmes for the Holidays”, please be aware of the construction on Potters Road. The detour will lead you east on Simcoe Street to Westtown Line which then meets up with Potters Road on the other side of the construction. It adds about two to three minutes to your trip.